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Popularisation of khadi

As  part of  popularisation of Khadi / Handloom cloths,the Government had  issued a G.O. (MS) No. 131/06/IND dated 30-12-2006  with a solicition to the effect that  all Malayalees  especially government employees should wear Khadi cloths  at least once in a week  from 1-1-2007 onwards

Similarly the Chief  Minister of Kerala had solicited  the entire Malayalees to wear Khadi cloths at least once in a week for creating more employment opportunities in the Khadi/Handloom sector and inculcating the   pride of  Swadeshi

The Government vide G.O. (P) No. 78/2007/ID dated 18/6/2007 have approved the Industrial & Commercial Policy 2007.    The main activities  proposed to be done for the popularisation of Khadi sector  in the Industrial & Commercial Policy 2007   are given below:-

Encourage all Malalyalees to use Khadi and Handloom products through Mass     Campaigns inculcating the pride of Swadeshi.

Inspire Government Servants, students and other sections of the society to     wear Khadi and Handloom at least once in a week.

Formulate special scheme and assistance to set up industrial units under Khadi     & Village Industries Board ensuring good returns on their produce